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I had SO much fun creating the illustrations and layout for this calendar project! The Confidence Diet helps you build confidence to achieve the health you deserve. The calendar is a self help tool that will propel you on your path of improving your eating habits and re-program your mind with a new “Attitude of Health” each month.

Here are some tips for preparing and storing a few foods featured in The Confidence Diet Calendar: grapefruit, collard greens, and brussel sprouts.

Grapefruit – Choose fruit that feels heavy for it’s size. Store in a cool, dry place. Start your day with cut grapefruit

  • Wedges – The simplest way. Use a grapefruit knife to cut wedges loose for easy spooning.
  • Mixed with ricotta and honey – Once you have the wedges, toss with a mixture of ricotta and honey.
  • In your water – Add wedges to your water bottle. For a pitcher of water, just slice the grapefruit skin and all!

Collard Greens – Choose large, smooth, firm leaves. Store wrapped in plastic bag in the veggie bin of your fridge.

  • Sauté with garlic and ginger
  • Stir into Soups
  • Use as a wrap for cooked chicken
  • Cook in with rice

Brussels Sprouts – Choose tight heads with a deep green color.  Store in a paper bag in the veggie bin of your fridge. Fast, Easy and delicious!

  • Caramelized with onions (with balsamic, maple, Dijon, garlic dressing)
  • Skewers with prosciutto
  • Oven Roasted
  • Slice and Steam with Fennel Seeds

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