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Feeding Francis is a Gourmet Salt and Sugar company based out of Golden, CO. Their idea for the company has been 10 years in the making! As their family grew, there was less time to prepare a delicious meal. So Katie took her favorite recipes and put them into seasoning salt form! Now dinner is made in half the time, but not missing any flavor. You can find Feeding Francis Salts and Sugars at The Old Barrel Tea Co (Golden, CO), Golden Roots Salon (Golden, CO), Proud Souls BBQ (Littleton, CO) and The Hog and the Hen (Grand Junction, CO).

This Summer Salad is the perfect vehicle for Feeding Francis’ Mediterranean gourmet salt blend. It’s healthy, refreshing and full of flavor! Purchase this all-natural salt for your salad and other recipes online at!



1 zucchini (cut lengthwise)

2 cups of sweet mini peppers (about 10–15 peppers depending on the size)

½ red onion

2 sweet italian chicken sausages

1 box of short pasta (we use a green lentil penne)

¼ cup of a champagne vinaigrette dressing

1 cup cherry tomatoes (halved)

feta cheese (optional)

olive oil

Feeding Francis Mediterranean Blend Sea Salt

fresh cracked pepper



Heat grill to Medium high heat (about 400 degrees F). While the grill heats up, place cut zucchini and sweet peppers in a large bowl. Coat with olive oil and sprinkle on Feeding Francis Mediterranean Sea Salt. Set aside. Next, cut the red onion in half and brush the cut side of half of the red onion with olive oil and sprinkle with Mediterranean Blend Sea Salt.

Place the brats, zucchini and red onion directly on the grill. Even spread the sweet pepper on a grill pan. Grill until there is a nice char on the outside of the zucchini, peppers and onion and until the brats are cooks through – about 12-15 minutes. Which the items are on the grill, cook pasta according to the package instructions.

Once the items are ready to be removed from the grill, let them cool and then cut them into ½ inch pieces on a diagonal. Combine the vegetables, chicken and pasta in a large bowl. Coat with ¼ cup of Champagne Vinaigrette and fresh cracked pepper to taste. Let sit about 30 minutes so the vegetables and pasta can absorb some of the dressing (add more if desired). Once you are ready to serve, top with tomatoes and feta, if using.