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We all know the saying “actions speak louder than words.” Well today I’d like to discuss how typefaces speak louder than words. Impressively, the visual characteristics of a font or typeface can do a lot of the talking within your brand. It isn’t just the font you choose, but also the way you use and arrange it within a design that helps create an impactful visual and provide a lasting impression. Typography plays a critical role in marketing and design, but first let’s begin with a quick definition.

Why is this important you ask? Take a look around you… type is EVERYWHERE! It’s on every product we use, present on every business exterior, throughout every website we visit, and is the structure for every document, advertisement or menu we read. Each and every element, from the typeface to the arrangement and even each specific letter or character, helps determine how the message is conveyed. These differences may be extremely subtle, but they can make or break what you’re trying to achieve. Typography is absolutely one of the most important tools you can use in speaking to and attracting your ideal customer.

So what’s your type?

There are 4 main categories or classifications of type. They are:

Alright. Now that you know what types you can choose from, how do you even begin to choose the right typeface from the plethora of options out there? Here are a few things to consider when making these decisions.

Serif: easy-to-read, classic, traditional, professional, dramatic, timeless

Sans Serif: versatile, modern, fresh, minimal, contemporary, friendly

Script: classy, flowy, elegant, beautiful, feminine, use sparingly, not always legible

Display: decorative, themed, trendy, ornamental, use as accent font only

Ultimately, it all depends on your target audience, the type of products or services you offer, and your overall brand personality. Knowing these will help you determine which fonts are appropriate and how to influence your designs by…

Grabbing Attention
Ensuring Readability
Establishing Hierarchy
Building Repetition
& Illustrating Personality

So, have you figured out your type? Keep in mind these key reasons typography is an incredibly effective tool. But most importantly, don’t forget that typefaces speak louder than words and can be a very impactful visual tool throughout your brand and marketing efforts.