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The Streamlined Booking Method is a course developed for Restaurant and Food Truck owners operators who want to streamline their event booking process so that they can free up more time in their week, book more events and generate more revenue. This online program includes easy to follow modules, complete with outlines, checklist and templates to ensure your success. At the end of this course, you will have a complete, easy to use and trainable system in place for managing all of your events and bookings.

The Streamlined Booking Method was developed by Kristy McDonough, a lifelong foodie and 20 year veteran of the restaurant industry (with 10 of those years being in catering and private events). After seeing many restaurants struggle in this area, Kristy created this course based on the exact system she used to maintain a 45% conversion rate of turning leads into bookings. Restaurant owners have more on their plate than ever before and having a simple, time saving system for managing catering and events is a must!

If you would like to learn more about the Streamlined Booking Method or working with Kristy, click here to sign up for complimentary consultation. If you’re ready for SBM, sign up here (or check out the payment plan available as well).