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You’d be surprised how nerdy people get around themed items. Like, rearrange their shopping trips to make sure they get the latest limited edition item kind of nerdy. Don’t believe me? How long is Boo-Berry and Frankenberry cereal on the shelf? Do true fans only buy one box? Don’t forget, St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, which means the beloved green shamrock shake is here too…but only for a limited time! Get yours today.

You see, limited and special edition themed items play a really neat trick on us – FOMO! (Fear of Missing Out) FOMO has an embedded sense of urgency within it. As such, people become obsessed with an item that is “special,” “limited,” and an out-of-the-ordinary design element for a particular product. It’s a product marketing strategy that creates instantaneous brand awareness, a competitive edge, and FREE publicity through the #hashtag “look what I just bought” social media post from a loyal customer.

Themed and special edition products give not-yet customers a reason to first-time buy your product too. Look, I’ve never been one for fancy makeup brushes, but because someone made them to look like Harry Potter wizard wands, I’m 100% in.

By the way, this product strategy also creates exclusivity and purchase prestige for your customer (by way of bragging rights to their friends). If a product is limited enough, there’s a chance it becomes a collectors item. Like the time Puma released their Luxury Edition Puma King shoe with a futuristic black and gold box made of lasered acrylic and etched aluminum design elements. Only 999 boxes were released to market. Boom. Instant collector’s item with a substantial amount of buzz to surround the product’s release.

Should you choose to try your magic in the special edition and themed marketplace, make sure your item is fresh, is actually limited/special edition, and is created with a memorable angle to it. Bring in all the nostalgia, excitement, or creativity your brand can muster. If you choose to go seasonal, make sure you plan accordingly. Some seasons are inundated with competition in the themed marketplace so you’ll have to create something truly unique to stand out from the crowd.

Sky’s the limit here. Your themed product could very well be luckier than a four-leafed clover this season. Want to brainstorm your next idea for a themed or limited/special edition product? Contact me for an appointment! No shenanigans, I promise. 🙂