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BarFly Salsa was born when my wife convinced me I needed to sell the salsa I have been making for years to local breweries and such as a fresh snack option. Production began in February 2021 and to-date is sold in 6 fine local establishments: Peak View Brewing Co, Living the Dream, Lone Tree Brewing Co., Halfpenny Brewing Co., Resolute Brewing, and Max Taps. The product is always fresh and uses only gluten-free and all natural ingredients. It’s consistency is key so that each salsa lover can get as much or as little as your chip needs!  Visit us today at:

BarFly Chicken Tacos

A simple recipe is to place 1.5–2 lbs. of raw chicken in a slow cooker and use BarFly Salsa as the simmer sauce. We prefer bone-in, skinless chicken thighs, but boneless/skinless chicken breasts work well too. Simply cook on low for 3–4 hours, then remove the chicken and shred with forks. Viola! Chicken tacos are ready to serve.