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Buzz-worthy Packaging Trends, Tips & Tricks

We talked about trends a year ago here on the Blog and how following trends isn’t always the best route to go. However, when it comes to package and product design, doing so isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as it makes sense within your brand identity. Today, we’re going to talk about some trends emerging this year that are worth taking some time to chew on.

Trend #1:

Illustrated patterns that tell you what’s inside the package

Illustrations are always a great way to customize your brand and show off your artistic side. Illustrating the contents of the package can be a fun and unique way to visually stimulate your consumer into making a purchase!

Trend #2:

Packaging outfitted in fine art

This year you may have noticed a lot of packaging designs that resemble a piece of art. It’s been more prominent in higher-end products but you may notice it in mid-level products as well. When done tastefully, drawing inspiration from art and paint textures can be an interesting way to market your product.

Trend #3:

Packaging that tells a story

I love this trend because storytelling truly is an integral part of effective banding. Incorporating the story of your brand into your packaging helps the consumer learn more about what you stand for and gets their buy-in before they even go to your website. Pair a tasty label that tells a story with a custom glass bottle design and you’ve got yourself another way to stand out from the crowd! Or get crass with it and start a spirited debate – Whiskey vs. Vodka.

Trend #4:

All over color

It’s not always just about the label. A lot of brands are thinking outside the box in terms of packaging colors this year. You might notice more bold and bright colors that you may not have seen before. It’s all about grabbing the attention of and communicating effectively with your target audience through your design as a whole.

The Takeaway

Remember that trends emerge every season. Some fade, some stick around for what seems like forever. What’s really important is staying true to yourself, your brand and keeping your focus on what truly entices your target customer.