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So you have a tasty logo design for your restaurant displayed on your website, packaging and napkins, but is that enough? Single-use items create some brand visibility but that’s nothing compared to the impact of a full line of multi-use merchandise. Leave them thirsting for more!

I’m sure you can think of a few restaurants, breweries or distilleries who do an excellent job at branding themselves while creating a loyal following. Do the ones you’re thinking of also carry branded merch? I’ll bet they do! There’s something magical about a great logo or a catchy phrase placed on just the right product, and in front of the right audience. I can literally talk all day about the psychology of how and why people buy things but we will save that juicy topic for another day. 😉

Today the question is, how do we create memorable dining experiences while taking advantage of upselling opportunities?

  • Online marketing and eCommerce stores – Make it easy and accessible for your customers to shop your products online, not just in person. This is a great way to attract new and repeat business.
  • Staff wearing the merchandise – Monkey see-monkey do! If it looks good on the staff, it will look good on your customers!
  • Events & giveaways – When parties book their event, maybe give the host a free item from your shop and/or the guests a coupon for 15% off merchandise during their event. This is a great way to add value to your business!

Here are some fun & practical branded merch ideas:

  • DRINKWARE – Beer glasses, to-go coffee mugs, an elegant set of wine glasses, hiking water bottles (don’t forget to offer STICKERS too)
  • BOTTLE OPENER KEYCHAIN – An excellent constant reminder of your brand right at your customers fingertips

Tips for getting started:

  • Stay on brand – Make sure that your branding is consistent and the fact that you are a restaurant shines through on every branded item.
  • MULTI-USE PRODUCTS – What will your customers take home and actually use? Oven mitts? Reusable Hand towels? Coasters? As long as they look good and are made of high-quality materials, your customers will most likely hang on to them!
  • CREATIVE DESIGN – That’s where I come in! Working with a designer can help your brand stand out from the competition. The whole design process is exciting and fun and will give a unique perspective and insight into your brand to help you create the most irresistible merchandise possible.

Interested in working together to create some unique merchandise designs for your restaurant, brewery or distillery to keep your customers thirsting for more? Feel free to reach out and get in touch!