05 May: TASTY TIDBITS [MAY 2021]

We touched on what a brand is in our January blog – how it’s so much more than a logo, how it communicates what your company’s all about, and how it’s a contract between you and your customers (and so much more. Check it out here). So this time around, I thought it’d be fun to talk about what a brand isn’t in a favorite format: Top 10 Myths.


There’s a psychology behind literally everything that engages people in the intersection of choice and decision. This month, we’re focusing on the psychology of menu design. Placement, formatting and ease of use count for major points – as does color and imagery – in creating a menu that generates maximum profits. A menu done well is a restaurant’s silent salesperson for hungry buyers.

SBM- Transparent-2

The Streamlined Booking Method is a course developed for Restaurant and Food Truck owners operators who want to streamline their event booking process so that they can free up more time in their week, book more events and generate more revenue. This online program includes easy to follow modules, complete with outlines, checklist and templates to ensure your success. At the end of this course, you will have a complete, easy to use and trainable system in place for managing all of your events and bookings.

03 Mar: TASTY TIDBITS [MAR 2021]

Limited and special edition themed items play a really neat trick on us – FOMO! (Fear of Missing Out) FOMO has an embedded sense of urgency within it. As such, people become obsessed with an item that is “special,” “limited,” and an out-of-the-ordinary design element for a particular product. It’s a product marketing strategy that creates instantaneous brand awareness, a competitive edge, and FREE publicity through the #hashtag “look what I just bought” social media post from a loyal customer.

03 Feb: FOODIE FUN [FEB 2021]

Do you work in Colorado’s booming food and beverage industry? Or are you eager to learn more? Come mingle and network with some of Colorado’s established, up-and-coming, and newest food and beverage companies at our monthly events!