06 Jan: TASTY TIDBITS [JAN 2021]

A brand is SO much more than just a logo. Your brand is how your company speaks to the world. It’s effectively your company’s face, voice and personality that needs to grab the attention of your customers, as well as differentiate you from competitors. As we enter the season of resolutions and healthful habits to carry us throughout the year, have you thought about the health and vitality of your company’s brand?


04 Nov: TASTY TIDBITS [NOV 2020]

The weather is turning brisk, pumpkin-spiced everything is on the shelves and stores are swapping out colorful displays of oranges and yellows for reds and greens. The beauty of the seasons-to-come is emphasized in wonderful ways, especially with hand-lettered designs. Just as each Christmas gift is wrapped with care and presented with flare to that special someone, hand-lettering provides a unique and original presentation of a word or phrase to be enjoyed as a singular blend of art and design.


07 Oct: TASTY TIDBITS [OCT 2020]

Symbols so good – they’re scary. Think of a Jack-o-Lantern and quick! What season is it? Is there any other time of the year where this symbol is used to convey something else? Nope. This symbol is so closely tied to one holiday, it has, in effect become part of Halloween’s “brand.” Using symbols to convey a universal message is as old as communication itself.


02 Sep: TASTY TIDBITS [SEP 2020]

#trending. Ever feel like you can’t keep up with the trends? You’re not alone. Graphic design and media art is no different. Trends present some very unique challenges and opportunities for the professional graphic designer. What goes viral creates a movement, and our biggest temptation is to jump on the bandwagon too…right?


05 Aug: TASTY TIDBITS [AUG 2020]

You all know the saying “actions speak louder than words.” Well today I’d like to discuss how typefaces speak louder than words. Impressively, the visual characteristics of a font or typeface can do a lot of the talking within your brand. It isn’t just the font you choose, but also the way you use and arrange it within a design that helps create an impactful visual and provide a lasting impression. Typography plays a critical role in marketing and design, but first let’s begin with a quick definition.



What is nostalgia? Simply put, nostalgia is the feeling of sentimental longing for a time or place in the past. This sensation is different for everyone and is based on their generation, childhood upbringing, and past experiences. However, one thing everyone has in common is that we seem to be drawn to nostalgia during times of uncertainty and change. Currently we are all experiencing a life filled with uncertainty and anxiety due to this worldwide pandemic. So, let’s find a way to ease each others minds through the use of nostalgic design and marketing.



I’m sure we’ve all been feeling a little stir crazy lately, considering we’ve mostly been cooped up at home for the last few months. I know I’ve been getting restless and just want to get out and explore now that many of our original summer plans have undoubtedly been cancelled or postponed. Since now we’re left with more of the same, I’ve been trying to come up with creative ideas to enjoy the feeling of traveling without actually doing so.


01 Apr: TASTY TIDBITS [APR 2020]

We’ve all heard it a thousand times, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, I’m here to reiterate it once again so stick with me. Imagine you’re walking down a liquor store isle in search of an exciting new beer to try. Recently, the craft beer section has become a sea of beautiful and captivating artwork begging you to take a closer look. How will you ever choose? Will it be the neon lime green can with the words “DRINK ME” screaming at your eyes? It very well may be. We all have our preferences. However, take another look around.